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Anonymous asked: Alright my ex And I still hang out every once and a while... well here lately everytime I see or hang out with him he seems to always be wearing thongs (guy's thongs) and if he's wearing pants he's wearing toe socks ( you know the women's toe socks you'd find at Walmart.. like those) and flip flops I think thats weird. Is it or is it just me

Could just be his fetish. He might like the feeling of things riding up between his ass cheeks and toes. I don’t know him so I have no idea :D

Anonymous asked: u have a fav lingerie u like wearing?

really love love love fishnet!!!! I think it’s just so incredibly sexy!!!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have anymore movies coming out soon?

I do have two scenes that I just filmed in the past two weeks. Just keep an eye out on my site www.bellabendz.com where they will be released!

Anonymous asked: I'm a huge bbw lover and I think that you look phenomenal :) I wish that I could meet you one day, take a picture with you, or at least have the chance of a lifetime to have sex with you. That'd be amazing :) Take care and have a wonderful day.

Well I go to numerous BBW events in Southern California and Las Vegas. Meeting me isn’t very difficult lol. You can always book me for a meet and greet too!

bigcountry6969 asked: Hey gorgeous love your pics your so sexy I can most definitely say that your in my inappropriate thoughts ;)

Well that’s good! I love when fans have dirty thoughts about me :D

Anonymous asked: can i date you

You can book me by emailing bellabendz@gmail.com! :D

Anonymous asked: who is your favourate male porn star

I don’t have a favorite to be honest. I know I have enjoyed everyone that I have worked with so far. I can say that I would really like to work with Johnny Sins (I don’t think he works with BBWs though) and Derek Peirce. They both are amazing performers.